Ноты Димаш Кудайберген - Mademoiselle Hyde - Пианино&Вокал

Артикул: PVO0015484

Артист: Димаш Кудайберген

Произведение: Mademoiselle Hyde

Аранжировка: Пианино&Вокал

Другие аранжировки: Пианино.Соло , Пианино.Easy

Жанр: Поп

Форматы: pdf, midi, final

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Димаш Кудайберген - Mademoiselle Hyde

Share my thoughts if you will
And guide me through
I am the kind of mind,
Who’s torn in two
Doctor Jackil or Hyde
which one? just choose!
Know I can be from hell or Moulin Rouge
I’ll be yours
And when you'll have me
You'll be cursed
Because you love me
I've rehearsed
Every word of the sсene

Don’t approach me
Don’t touch my skin
I will burn you alive
I’ve regretted
Though I hate it
I am m-lle Hyde

I swear I always try to stop the game
When it’s goodness I play
I get check-mate
When I am just about
To beat the beast
It’s half a nature I fight
That I release
Hold me tight
May be this time I’ll escape
The dark evil side
If you dare
I’m ready to surrender

Now approach me
Now touch my skin
I will keep you alive
I’ve regretted though I hate it
I'll kill m-lle Hyde

Don't approach me
Don't touch my skin
I will burn you alive

You've approached me
You've touched my skin
Now you are a mister Hyde