Ноты J Hus - Daily Duppy - Пианино.Соло

Артикул: PSO0011908

Артист: J Hus

Произведение: Daily Duppy

Аранжировка: Пианино.Соло

Другие аранжировки: Пианино&Вокал , Пианино.Easy

Жанр: Рэп/ хип-хоп

Форматы: pdf, midi, final

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J Hus - Daily Duppy

J Hus
GRM Daily
Daily Duppy

Yo, I'm tired of this life
I just caught a Fed chase
Ended up in handcuffs and caught a next case (next case)
They found the food in the glove compartment
And took all the cash from my mum's apartment
Thank God I got bail again
I left the station, Feds on my tail again
Mulla's on the wheel
Had to tell him put his foot down
My seat all the way back and my hood down
Spin the dutchie, put something in the air
Blue lights coming from the rear
They say freedom is priceless
I just wanna free my mind
Dead or in jail, that's no legacy to leave behind
I can't say you been good for me
Ain't nothing good in the hood for me
Tell my real G's I stay bangin' for ya
I can't roll without my tool, it's the paranoia
Posted on the block in the cold weather
Banging for the ends like we don't know better
Like mummy didn't raise us with morals
We ain't strangers to struggle
Grip this dotty with no leather
Beefing over biscuit crumbs
I can't talk about them looting's
But I witnessed some
If I could choose any life
I wouldn't pick this one
And mummy always knew she had a gifted son
Young rebels with no olders
Damn, I got devils on both shoulders
Who told you that this life was amazing
Stuck on probation with no qualifications
The roads ain't cool
They must of told you otherwise
Trust me I'm innocent but only in my mother's eyes
And I know that she shed a couple tears
I was 16, I thought I'd be dead a couple years
Chilling on the ends with no money
Big fat pole, I heard them niggas wanna roll on me
All these death threats
And I don't even know donny
And if I ever let my mum down, I'm so sorry
I was broke for too long
So I started juggin'
Hell's kitchen, same place that beef started cooking
Pass me a plate, and pass me the salad cream
And tell me why I always die when I'm having dreams
I had a dream that my mother had to bury me
I got rolled on by the enemy
They turnt J Hus to a memory
My niggas never rid for me
It's like they nah remember me
So I guess I'm on my lowly sun
Nuff' man have been there before
I ain't the only one
Listening to case, when I'm thinking bout' life
I'm only with her for the night
So why's she talking 'bout wife?

J Hus
GRM Daily Duppy
Hustla Baby