Ноты M Huncho - Fire in the Booth, Pt.1 - Пианино.Соло

Артикул: PSO0012028

Артист: M Huncho

Произведение: Fire in the Booth, Pt.1

Аранжировка: Пианино.Соло

Другие аранжировки: Пианино&Вокал , Пианино.Easy

Жанр: Рэп/ хип-хоп

Форматы: pdf, midi, xml

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M Huncho - Fire in the Booth, Pt.1

Huncholini in the cut
Huncholili in the cut
Let's get 'em bro
Huncholili in the cut
Let's make some history Huncho
Let's go, yeah

Criticism, it doesn't get to me
I'm a machine, I can't give them all of my energy
Cos my gears are grinding, this is perfect timing
This ties end your line in
Huncho, yeah
Searching for gold yeah, I'm out here mining
Yeah, I feel the energy, can't be me, your under-mining
Money on his head, don't let it go, I'm indecisive
Sometimes I feel the energy that makes me feel so righteous, ahh
Look for my soul, yeah, I'm still finding
Got dope, got legs, I'm a cyclist
I was getting them with any package
Got a bitch but no time, guess I'm in a time crisis
Walk in with a Jean, call me Wyclef
Nah, she ain't a sideting, can't be getting side tracked
I put on alot of mileage, I like travelling in silence
Keep my business very private, mind your business, just be silent
Brudda there's a problem, talk it out before the violence
Fuck her face, feel her lip, she's my Kylie
So found a Richy, that's my shit, that's my styly
Feds on me, leave the car, do the dasheen
They feel threatened by my presence
This is the new resistance
I'm the leader of my kingdom
Looking deep inside of me
I'm feeling dead but I'm still living
Bando in some donkey hours
Got some cold shivers, I try focus on five pillars, yeah
Always changing Merc's into Bimmers but I ain't concerned about the image
Cos one day when we pass away, guess who will be an image
So tell me what you do it for, shared accommodation
I see nitties in the corridor, they made me feel like I owed 'em suttin'
Having cold conversations, makes me feel so Russian
Bro asked for the bally, he got unfinished business
Do the job, then ask for forgiveness
Never dwell on nothing, that money can buy
Some school friends turn fiend's, I tell 'em "Hi"
But they don't want my "Hi", their interest is a different high
Shit, I might supply demand, it always stay so high, yeah
Yeah, perseverance got me this far
Me and bro exchanging all these boxes like we're in spar
The media talking this and that, drill and rap
Making all these kids do bad but have you ever sat and thought and pondered on the real facts?
You ain't from public housing, you won't know the real
May god be with everyone that foul the pills
Chasing money, yeah it will be the death of man
Louis Oou, that's cologne, that's my summer jam, yeah
Twenty thousand grams, that's my summer grams
And she's taking all this wood like a lumberjack
Feel like Biggie in this lumberjack
I'm a damaged soul, I need healing too
I have tried damaged souls that I give me healing too
They're saying "Huncho your the goal, the feelings mutual"
I'm on time smoking cali, smelling punctual
This is refreshing, free my bredrin always talk to sentence him
Was a phone and some text shit
Buy a house, buy Philippe, I don't mean Mexès
I made twenties, that's old, I'm from the next gen
Got a mask, got a blade, Huncho's X-Men
Yo Charlie, load it up, load the next ting

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