Ноты Rick Ross, Meek Mill - Bogus Charms - Пианино.Easy

Артикул: PEA0022124

Артист: Rick Ross , Meek Mill

Произведение: Bogus Charms

Аранжировка: Пианино.Easy

Другие аранжировки: Пианино&Вокал , Пианино.Соло

Жанр: Рэп/ хип-хоп

Форматы: pdf, midi, xml

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Rick Ross , Meek Mill - Bogus Charms

M'-M'-M'-Maybach Music
Broken memories
You will find a way

Rule number one is you can never rat
Fucking with you suckers set a nigga back
Break 'em down to baby sacks of Similac
And the only things on tracks I'm serving is the facts
Wanna pop the chain, kill you for your charm
Never mind your name, call you Uncle Tom
Shoot in front of bitches, never made a difference
'Cause impressing all the pigeons was the biggest interest
Quick to get it popping, nothing for your pockets
Crack melt like Baskin Robbins, never break a promise
Cops rushing doors, niggas flushing dope
Who really tipping Crime Stoppers? You would never know
Half my team illiterate, I know it sound pathetic
But we can each get a brick that's on a line of credit
Lot of niggas died over fake pieces
And the day I go, I pray my son, he get to read this

Broken memories always fade
Live on and you will find a way
Things will be okay, don't be afraid
Live on and you will find a way (Maybach Music)

Uh, I only remember nights that was post-traumatic
So I'm never actin' bougie like I was supposed to have it
Serving addicts, toting ladders, it was so dramatic
Putting friends before my family my worsest habit
'Cause in my hood, it ain't no friends when you get the Benz
'Cause homie in the backseat wanna split your wig
Just to play the driver seat and say he hit a lick
And he gon' post it on the 'Gram like, "Don't forget the vid'"
Seen niggas tell on their own homies just to get to LIV
Miami on a Sunday just to commit them sins
And these the ones we supposed to ride for, forget the kids
Throw your life away for a nigga that wouldn't send your kids
Twenty dollars when you in your bid, this the way we live, the way we did
'Cause I'm in the chains, fuck the way it is
The way it was, now the only way is up
I'm never into faking love, I'm only here to wake you up
Young nigga

Broken memories always fade
Live on and you will find a way
Things will be okay, don't be afraid
Live on and you will find a way

In a 911, came without a ceiling
Can't imagine all the pain your brother was concealing
When we order fully loaded 'cause it's so appealing
Sue you and then do you for a couple million
Started from the bottom, rip the carpet up
Parents great examples 'cause they never argue much
Air conditioner in the window, watch the water drip
Premonitions of my death is what I wanna miss
Pretty pictures of my kids the only ones I kiss (Lord)
When you get a second chance, young brother, what a gift (Yes)
New obituaries everywhere I look
Praying every hour God keep me on His books (Jesus)
Cemeteries, we pull up on 'em in foreign cars (Jesus)
Extended payments elated, now met with open arms (Jesus)
Look at all these rappers wearing bogus charms (Lord)
When they barely pay for marijuana in cigars

Broken memories always fade
Live on and you will find a way
Things will be okay, don't be afraid
Live on and you will find a way

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