Ноты Tyler, The Creator - PUPPET - Пианино.Соло

Артикул: PSO0014126

Артист: Tyler, The Creator

Произведение: PUPPET

Аранжировка: Пианино.Соло

Другие аранжировки: Пианино&Вокал , Пианино.Easy

Жанр: Рэп/ хип-хоп

Форматы: pdf, midi, final

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Tyler, The Creator - PUPPET

I wanna talk, I wanna call you and talk
I wanna walk to your front door and knock
After I stop my vehicle
Drive to your city 'cause we live an hour apart
Land at your driveway and put it in park
Then do the third line of this verse
Then back to my house and we pack up our bikes
And we ride through the park, chase the sun
God, that's all I want, other than air
Oxygen and financial freedom, yeah
I want your company, I need your company
I want you to want for me
I can't maneuver without you next to me
It's so complex to me

What do you need?
Do you need bread? Do you need this?
Do you need a hug? Do you need to be alone?
I could wrap this up and get the fuck away instead
What is your wish? It can be granted
You're number one, one on my list, to you I'm Santa
Where is Rudolph? You're parasitic
I do not have self-control
I am startin' to wonder
Is this my free will or yours? (Yours, yours, yours)

I'm your puppet, you control me
I'm your puppet, I don't know me
(Did I wait too long?)
I'm your puppet
(Did I wait too long?)
You control me
(Did I wait too long?)
I'm your puppet
(Did I wait too long?)
I'm lonely
'Cause I'm your puppet
(Puppet, oh)
You control me (Control me)
I'm your puppet (Puppet)
I don't know
I'm your puppet (Did I wait too long?)
You control me (Puppet)

You lost, son, and you've been tryna find your way to me
Ayy, to me, he's on somethin' that I hate to see
A to Z, nah son, I'm gonna take a breathe
Run a 'thon, I just nothin', I'ma take the breathe
...on a...
...on a...
First, light the weed
First... (Yeah we 'bout to scream)
First... (Yeah we 'bout to scream)
First... (Catch me 'bout to scream)
(Oh, Lord)

(La, la, la, la)
(La, la, la)
Breathe on a song
(La, la, la)
Breathe on a song
(La, la, la, la, la, la)
Breathe on a song
(Cut me loose)
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
(Cut me loose, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
But at some point, you come to your senses